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Sound Reasoning, Sound Horses is more than just a slogan. It defines our in-depth study of the hoof and foot of the horse. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the academic world and the practical world of hoof care. Our success is the result of lateral thinking, and applied science. With graduates in 13 countries, IAEP is shaping today's minds to the benefit of today's horses.

Gait analysis for the horse,and a more  holistic approach to hoof care.

We at the Institute have long known that to effectively treat the horses' hooves, we must also be well versed in whole horse biomechanics and overall physiology. The theories developed by our founder, Keith "KC" La Pierre, are based on this fact.
From the Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics to advanced motion analysis, at the Institute it is not simply about teaching the "How," but rather the "Why."
You will learn why things develop the way they do, and you will be given the tools needed to respond to the needs of todays' horse and its owner. You will learn how to properly care for the equine foot.

Join the thousands of people who have discovered the cutting edge theories of Applied Equine Podiatry and Holisitic Hoof Care. Let us empower you with the knowledge needed to achieve your goals. Learn how to achieve High Performance and Soundness in your horses. We offer full academic and practical programs that surpass all other programs. It's not just about hoof care, it is also about superior theory based products, books, DVD's, home study mentorship programs, advanced-level pathology programs, Licensed Instructorship Programs, gait analysis systems, Homeopathies, and alternative therapies. Get involved today! Save a horse tomorrow!

"The essence of Applied Equine Podiatry is the conscientious study of the equine foot, always striving to expose it to proper environmental stimuli, making every effort to promote proper structure and function, as we progress in achieving high performance. It is accepting the fact that the horse has the innate ability to heal itself, and that domestication of the horse has caused imbalance and broken the golden rule of "Do No Harm." KC La Pierre

Applied Equine Podiatry, holistic, natural hoof care, for those wishing to go barefoot with their horses.
Holistic and natural approach to hoof care for those wishing to go shoeless or barefoot with their horses.

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