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Applied Equine Podiatry

The essence of Applied Equine Podiatry is the conscientious study of the equine foot, always striving to expose it to proper environmental stimuli, making every effort to promote proper structure and function, as we progress in achieving high performance. It is accepting the fact that the horse has the innate ability to heal itself and that domestication of the horse has caused imbalance and broken the golden rule of  “Do No Harm”.  K.C. La Pierre, RJF, CF, MIAEP, 2004

a Natural Evolution

Is it all about a simple method of trimming? Applied Equine Podiatry is a burgeoning new science dedicated to the management of the horse’s hoof without dependency on conventional horseshoeing. Applied Equine Podiatry is viewed by some as an evolution of the conventional farrier practice. Applied Equine Podiatry has evolved over the past 20 years by taking a holistic approach bolstered by scientific research. Continued research and exploration of available scientific studies coupled with K.C. La Pierre’s farrier experience and lateral thinking resulted in the development of a viable working model (HPT Model) of the horse’s foot . The HPT Model describes foot function in great detail. The HPT Model considers not only the bio-mechanical aspects of “hoof” function, but also neurological function and energetics involved in “foot” function. Energetics is the branch of science that deals with the properties of energy (force). Unlike most methods of “natural trimming” which refer to a model based on the hoof of the wild horse, the science of Applied Equine Podiatry is grounded by a model of the domestic sport horse foot. The trimming method taught, the HPT Method (High Performance Trim) is only one of the many “tools” that Applied Equine Podiatry offers to improve and achieve health and performance in the horse’s hoof and foot.

The institute’s practical courses and diploma programs offer exceptional learning opportunities, with multiple avenues of learning. Horse owners may choose from several practical courses and workshops that promise to provide the essential tools necessary to achieve health and performance for the barefoot horses in their care.

Do you have the desire to begin a new career, doing something you love? Look no further. Our students receive innovative learning and unparalleled support beginning with our entry-level applied equine podiatry program. No other career offers such great rewards as those experienced by our graduates. Learning and support continues long after you earn your diploma. Our school is the only school in the world to offer advanced applied equine podiatry and master’s programs, as well as continuing education (CE) by way of specialty workshops and dedicated on-line learning.

The Perfect Choice: If you want the most up-to-date and innovative education on caring for and managing the barefoot horse, our programs are the perfect choice for you. With science-based modules of study, our courses offer more relevant material than any hands-on barefoot hoof care course that you will attend, except of course for our own onsite practical courses.

Who should take these courses? Horse owners and trimmers along with anyone in the hoof care industry that would like to expand their current knowledge of caring for the barefoot horse, whether performance or pleasure. (FAQ)

We understand the importance of learning from those with experience, both in hoof care and education. All of our educators are qualified advanced Applied Equine Podiatrists (ADAEP) with years of experience teaching holistic hoof care.
Our Director of Education and Co-Founder, KC La Pierre, MAEP, RJF, CF has over 35 years of experience as a professional farrier and 20 years as the Institute’s head instructor. Dr. Robyn Lord, the school’s President and Co-Founder, has over 33 years experience in the equine industry specializing in business and entrepreneurship. All together our entire staff has over 100 years of combined experience in hoof care, entrepreneurship, and the equine industry.

We embrace a holistic learning environment that focuses on the whole horse, whether your goal is to trim and maintain your own horse’s hooves or to become a dedicated hoof care professional. Our courses have been created and are structured to encourage your success. We offer cutting-edge information and the most up-to-date education available in the hoof care industry today. No other school in the world offers education in Applied Equine Podiatry and the application of the HPT Method.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best science-based education in holistic hoof care possible. Our commitment to “Never Ending Improvement” means that our students and our graduates will be leading the way to improving and advancing the modern hoof care industry.